• Brighi has a global presence as we have customers in more than 50 countries. As such, we appreciate the international buyers that ITMA has been able to bring to us to help us further expand our market reach. ITMA 2015 was an excellent sales platform for our automated solutions for apparel, home textiles and automotive upholstery, including raw material processing, stitching and packaging. For 澳洲幸运5开奖结果体彩, we plan to apply for a bigger booth to showcase our new machines.

    Gabriele Brighi
    President, Brighi Tecnologie Italia
  • DITF Denkendorf is one of Germany's largest centres of textile research. Our research activities span the entire textile value chain – from raw material to final product. As ITMA also covers solutions for the whole value chain, and attracts an international audience, it provides an excellent environment for us to share our research, observe the latest market developments and meet potential partners. We are looking forward to another successful participation at 澳洲幸运5开奖结果体彩.

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Götz. T. Gresser
    Member of the Board, DITF Denkendorf
  • ITMA attracts a wide spectrum of international visitors from various textile and garment sectors. We were able to meet quality buyers from the nonwovens and technical textile sectors at ITMA 2015. Zünd's exhibits, which highlighted high-performing digital cutting solutions, attracted a lot of attention as our cutting systems help increase our customers' productivity and efficiency, thus maximising their ROI.

    Rolf Köppel
    Product Manager Textiles, Zünd
  • ITMA is a very established textile machinery exhibition but over the years, the exhibition show profile has evolved in keeping with industry trends and challenges. It now features the entire textile and garment making production chain, including raw materials. Hence, our IAf members which represent the world's leading brands and apparel makers find it an excellent sourcing platform. As we look for innovative solutions to offer consumers exciting products made in a sustainable way, we are glad to be able to explore new materials and technologies in one location at 澳洲幸运5开奖结果体彩.

    Han Bekke
    President, International Apparel Federation
  • ITMA 2015 was a truly international exhibition where we could market our latest yarns and fabrics to a global audience. We were able to penetrate new markets, such as the Middle East and Latin America. As buyers can source for technologies and raw materials in one location, ITMA is the best exhibition for us to present our products. We anticipate another exciting ITMA edition to showcase our innovations in Barcelona.

    Özgür Alper Güler
    Yarn Group Marketing & Sales Manager, Kipaş (Turkey)
  • This year's ITMA has entirely met our expectations. We have received numerous customers from all over the world, who have shown great interest in our latest developments. This confirms once more the importance of such an international event.

    Etienne Leroi
    General Manager, NSC Fibre to Yarn (France)

  • As ITMA is the world's leading exhibition of textile and garment technology, it offers integrated solutions for the entire manufacturing value chain. So, we were able to meet many new contacts who were at the show not only to source for machinery but raw materials at the same time. We have made plans to participate in the next ITMA.

    Tsuranori Nomura
    Operating Officer, Sales & Marketing, Textile Machinery Division,
    Murata Machinery, Ltd/ VORTEX Yarn (Japan)
  • ITMA continues to be the world's showcase for textile printing, and provides the ideal platform for presenting our latest technologies. The show organisers have kept the ITMA fresh with new programmes so that visitors can see the latest in textile printing equipment while also learning about the urgency of issues like sustainability. The volume and quality of those coming to ITMA make it a dynamic and exciting marketplace.

    Dick Joustra
    Chief Executive Officier, SPGPrints
  • ITMA is the exhibition not to be missed by textile and apparel industry members. Every edition features a wide range of technologies, machinery, equipment and solutions that help key manufacturers meet many of today's challenges. In addition, the innovative and trendsetting showcase helps the industry to reinvent for a better future.

    Dato' Tang Chong Chin
    President, Malaysian Knitting Manufacturers Association (MKMA)
  • The garment industry is very competitive and production cycles are now even shorter. Therefore, we need to think out of the box and leverage on new technologies to help us to be more productive. Many innovative solutions are being introduced, from processes to materials. Hence, an exhibition such as 澳洲幸运5开奖结果体彩, where are can explore all the solutions, from textile to garment making, and even materials, in one location is ideal for our members. We will be organising a delegation of top garment manufacturers to study the latest trends and source new technologies that we can implement in our factories.

    Vu Duc Giang
    Chairman of Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS)
  • We are glad that there is a resurgence of textile and garment making in Europe as this benefits the Portuguese textile and apparel industry. Our manufacturers can be more competitive by improving competencies through branding, innovation and R&D. By incorporating technological and creative innovation to differentiate their products, they can expand their markets. As such, it is critical for us to continually evaluate and invest in new technologies. 澳洲幸运5开奖结果体彩, which will be held in neighbouring Spain will be an excellent platform for our manufacturers to explore integrated solutions, ranging from textile and garment technologies to fibres, yarns and fabrics.

    Paulo Vaz
    General Director, Textile and Apparel Association of Portugal (ATP)
  • We felt for the first time there's a real understanding and interest in energy efficiency and green technology. There's a trend among our customers to want to upgrade their very old equipment because they understand the necessity of a highly productive and efficient production over the entire textile production process.

    Regina Brückner
    CEO, Brückner Trockentechnik GmbH & Co KG, Germany

  • Considering the current situation in the textile industry in some markets, we are pleasantly surprised with these results. ITMA 2015 has been especially satisfactory, both in terms of the organisation and logistics of the show and the significant level of attendance of customers. The contacts and orders we established, above all from India and Turkey markets, largely exceeded our expectations.

    Carlo Rogora
    CEO, ITEMA Group
  • ITMA has been an excellent platform for us to feature many exciting new developments in the digital sphere to a targeted audience. Our technology was very well received with good customer feedback that our technologies significantly contribute to the current and future digital textile market needs.

    Terry O'Keeffe
    Strategic Customer Support Manager, Fujifilm
  • ITMA 2015 allowed our domestic companies to learn about the latest technologies for the light and textile industry, enabling them to consider implementing them in their own production, purchase production equipment and to exchange experience with foreign colleagues.

    Evgeny Ryzhov
    Deputy Director, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • The Ministry aims to modernise the industry with innovative technologies which can create additional value and eco-friendly solutions which will help our manufacturers to compete in the textile world market. Our government programme for 2015-2019 is to renew and modernise the industry and we have set aside a budget of around US$2 billion to implement it. Our ITMA visiting delegation had signed contracts with a number of ITMA exhibitors in the weaving, printing, dyeing and finishing sectors and we will start installation from early 2016 up to 2019.

    Khaydarov Ilkhom Utkirovich
    Minister of textile and garment industry "UZBEKYENGILSANOAT"
  • The Sustainable Apparel Coalition will organize its 2019 full member meeting in Barcelona around ITMA to offer our members the opportunity to easily attend both events. ITMA presents innovative solutions that can be applied to any part of the value chain in a way that aligns with the mission of the SAC and producing apparel responsibly. Sustainable solutions indicate the strength of a business, how it treats its employees, how well it understands limited resources, and how much it respects its customer. ITMA educates attendees on how to put responsible and cutting-edge practices into place successfully.

    Jason Kibbey
    CEO, Sustainable Apparel Coalition
  • ITMA is the most important textile machinery exhibition in the world as it features the latest technology of the leading textile machinery producers from around the world. As an international organisation for the global textile industry it is of paramount importance for ITMF members to participate in such an exhibition. Highlighting the leasing and financing sub-sector at 澳洲幸运5开奖结果体彩 is good news for buyers as they will be able to obtain on-the-spot advice when they decide to invest in the latest technology.

    Christian P. Schindler
    Director General, International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF)

  • As a leading manufacturer of fibres, we place great emphasis on product innovations. When we took part in the ITMA 2015 exhibition, our company and new products gained even wider global exposure, which led to the formation of strategic partnerships and new business collaborations. For 澳洲幸运5开奖结果体彩, we are increasing our presence to showcase more of our innovative solutions which will offer added value and new potential to the nonwovens industry.

    Jefrem Jennard
    Sales Director, Beaulieu Fibres International